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Is Prolon For Me?




Is intended for use by healthy individuals who want to enhance their health and wellbeing, by overweight or obese individuals who want to proactively manage their weight in an easy and healthy way, and by people who have well-known markers for chronic and unhealthy conditions (after consultation with their doctor). ProLon has been shown to help maintain healthy levels of biomarkers for aging such as glucose, cholesterol, blood pressure while reducing abdominal fat and waist circumference.

See ‘Is ProLon Right for Me?’ below for more information.

How To Take ProLon®

Consume the ProLon ® meal plan for 5 consecutive days.

Do not consume any other food and preferably no additional liquid other than water. Your doctor can approve exceptions.

Resume your normal diet for the rest of the month, making sure to undergo the one day transition diet at the end of the 5 days.

Instructions included in each ProLon ® carton.

Participants in the clinical trials consumed ProLon once a month for 3 consecutive months.


How Often Should You Take the 5-Day ProLon® Diet?

Depending on your body weight, baseline markers and health measurements, and after the evaluation and recommendation of your health care provider:

You can use ProLon 3-12 times a year depending on your condition. Healthy individuals may benefit from using Prolon as little as 1-4 times per year.

If you think that ProLon ® may be right for you, but you have existing health conditions, contact your health care provider who can recommend and authorize the use of ProLon ® ; or contact us and we will provide you with access to a health care provider to determine if ProLon is right for you.

How To Take ProLon®

ProLon® is a low-calorie diet. Do not start if:

You are allergic to nuts, soy, oats, sesame, or celery/celeriac (ProLon® contains these)

You are pregnant or breastfeeding

You have dietary restrictions or a fever, cough, diarrhea, or signs of an active infection.

If you are underweight per the chart below, or have experienced protein deficiency or are malnourished:

411-52 and under 100 pounds

53-54 and under 105 pounds

55-57 and under 115 pounds

58-510 and under 125 pounds

511-60 and under 135 pounds

61-64 and under 150 pounds

Important information for those with diagnosed medical conditions or age restrictions:

Do not use the ProLon® Fasting Mimicking Diet™ without a doctor’s supervision if you have a diagnosed medical condition or are under 18 or over 70. Diagnosed medical condition especially includes diabetes (types 1 or 2), cardiovascular disease, cancer, kidney disease, liver disease, or any history of fainting (syncope)

Since ProLon is a low-calorie diet, please avoid the following during the 5-days of the program:

  • Any strenuous exercising or activities that may consume a high level of calories.
  • Extreme temperature environments like hot tubs and saunas, or driving long distances under strong sun or heat exposure.
  • Since ProLon is a food based program, please stop the product should you experience any symptom of an allergic reaction such as a rash, change in voice, swelling or fever.
  • If you feel light headed or faint, you should eat something or drink juice or consume a beverage with sugar. If your symptoms do not subside, please contact your physician or if you feel this is a life threatening emergency, call 911.

As a company dedicated to your health, we offer a complimentary consultation with a nurse practitioner or registered dietician. After purchasing ProLon, you will receive the instructions to schedule this call. We strongly advise scheduling your call prior to starting your ProLon fast.

ProLon is not intended to diagnose, treat, cure or prevent any diseases and has not been evaluated by the FDA.


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